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Does InfraWare Mobile use wifi or the cell signal to submit dictations?
InfraWare Mobile WiFi Utilization 
How do I upload files from the Olympus DS-330?
Upload Files from the Olympus DS-330 IDC Explained 
How can I specify who can see or edit an author's completed reports?
Permission for access to reports in EHR Web Portal 
How does Tab Visibility work?
Tab Visibility explained 
How do you view similar jobs in the ITC?
View Similar Jobs in the ITC Editor 
Does InfraWare support Mozilla Firefox?
Mozilla Firefox and InfraWare Explained 
Can I view control characters in the ITC Editor?
Display control characters 
How can I upload or change my company logo to display in the Secure Web Portal?
Account Settings - Logo 
What are the grade counts in the First Draft author candidates list?
Dictation Sources explained for First Draft 
How do I require 1st level of eSign-off before 2nd level?
Require 1st Level eSign Before 2nd Level 
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