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What is the Adjust text size option in the User Preferences in the IMC?
Adjust Text Size in the IMC 
How do I make Turn-Around Time Adjustments?
Setting up TAT Adjustments 
How do I Adjust The Playback Volume in the IDC?
IDC Playback Volume Adjustment Explained 
How do I adjust amplification and pitch of audio in the ITC?
Adjust Amplification in the ITC  
How can I adjust the character count for a template?
Character count off-set for templates 
How do I adjust a Transcriptionist's permissions (Access Rights)?
How to Adjust MT Permissions (Access Rights) 
What is the scroll queue option in the user preferences?
Adjust Scrolling Mode  
How can I influence First Draft to capitalize and hyphenate certain words?
Adjust First Draft hyphenation and capitalization behavior 
How do I Change Settings For A Dictation in the IDC?
How to Change Settings for a Dictation in the IDC 
How do I set up an author to eSign?
Setting up eSign 
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