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How do I use Advanced Audio Options in the ITC?
Advanced Audio Options in the ITC 
How do I accomplish advanced setup in the InfraWare Template Editor?
Using advanced features in ITE 
Synchronize audio and text during ITC playback
Synchronous playback 
How does Tab Visibility work?
Tab Visibility explained 
How can I prevent matching bad ADT info to jobs?
Setting Exclusions for ADT Auto-Matching 
How do I login to the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)?
Logging into the ITC 
How do I use Playback Pedals (Foot Pedals)?
Configure pedals for ITC 
How do you view similar jobs in the ITC?
View Similar Jobs in the ITC Editor 
InfraWare Template Editor - Template Wizard Instructions
Using the ITE Template Wizard 
How do I Create a Template in the InfraWare Template Editor (ITE)?
How to Create a Template 
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