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What functions does the facility administrator role give a user?
Functions of a facility administrator role 
How can I learn more about the InfraWare 360 platform?
Contact InfraWare to learn more about InfraWare 
Are InfraWare Dictation and InfraWare Dictation for iOS secure and HIPAA Compliant?
InfraWare Mobile for iOS Security 
What is the TAT Adjustment report?
TAT Adjustment Report Explained 
CRM Files Page
Facility CRM File Page 
MT Profile Files
MT Profile Files Page 
What are the steps for a new facility/client setup/on-boarding?
Facility setup/on-boarding checklist 
How do I edit Pool Membership?
Editing and understanding pool membership 
How can I see an overview of my turn around time?
Overview of the TAT report 
How do I make Turn-Around Time Adjustments?
Setting up TAT Adjustments 
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