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Where can I find Internet Explorer in Windows 10?
Locating Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 
How do I make Internet Explorer my default browser?
Make IE the default browser in Windows 
How can I add words for First Draft to recognize?
First Draft Dictionary Explorer Explained 
How do I troubleshoot a situation where Internet Explorer modifies the page to help prevent cross-site scripting?
Troubleshoot Cross-site Scripting False Positive 
What browsers does InfraWare Support?
Supported Browsers 
What to do if the Online Editor does not open?
Online Editor Browser Settings 
Are InfraWare programs compatible with Windows 8?
Windows 8 Compatibility 
What encryption method does my browser need to support?
SSL/TLS Compatibility 
How can I enable JavaScript?
Enable JavaScript to use IMC or Web Portal 
What are the steps for a new facility/client setup/on-boarding?
Facility setup/on-boarding checklist 
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