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How can I create templates on InfraWare 360?
Creating Document Templates 
How do I edit/create templates for First Draft?
Edit/Create FD Templates 
How do I Create a Template?
How to Create Templates 
What does the "Templated" column mean on the First Draft Authors pages?
First Draft parameters for templates 
How can I insert horizontal lines into a template?
Horizontal lines in templates 
How can I adjust the character count for a template?
Character count off-set for templates 
How do I specify the format of Date/Time fields in my templates?
ITE Custom Date Fields Explained 
What are the First Draft fields I can add to a template?
Speech recognition fields available for templates 
What are the template size limits in the ITE?
Size limits in the ITE 
How can I change the resolution for an image on one of my templates?
Changing the resoluton on an image in a template 
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