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What pointers can you give to troubleshoot the ITC?
ITC Troubleshooting Guide 
What do I do if Dictations stop recording in the middle of dictating with InfraWare Dictation or InfraWare Mobile?
Troubleshooting - Recording Stops in the Middle of Recording 
Why does Ctrl + Spacebar not work to toggle Synchronization on/off?
Troubleshooting Synchronous Playback with Ctrl + Spacebar 
Why are jobs for an Author who is enabled for First Draft not going through First Draft?
Troubleshooting jobs which did not go through First Draft 
What do I do if dictations are stuck in uploading status in InfraWare Mobile/InfraWare Dictation?
Troubleshooting - Jobs stuck in Upload status 
How can I download the draft output in the IMC for a First Draft job?
Download the First Draft version of a job in the IMC 
How can I use the InfraCare Support Portal?
Instructions on using InfraCare Support Portal 
How do Transcriptionists Manually Download/Retrieve Jobs in the ITC?
Search and manually download jobs in the ITC 
What does "Original audio not found" mean in the Audit Trail with regard to First Draft?
Troubleshooting original audio not found 
How can I get my ITC to run when I receive an error message that describes a referenced assembly that is not installed on my system?
Troubleshooting a referenced assembly error in ITC 
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