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How do I set tuning options for First Draft?
Setting First Draft Tuning Override Options 
When does the platform refresh the documents available for ITE Template Tuning?
Document cache for ITE Template Tuning 
How can I influence how many periods are inserted in a First Draft?
tuning the first draft engine for period insertion 
How can I change the number of spaces that appear after a period in a First Draft?
Specifying spaces between sentences for First Drafts 
How do I specify the format of dates in First Draft output?
How do I specify the format of dates in First Draft output? 
How can I prevent First Draft for jobs that are too short or too long?
Defining size (duration) limits for First Draft 
How can I influence First Draft to capitalize and hyphenate certain words?
Adjust First Draft hyphenation and capitalization behavior 
What is the ITE Template Tuner?
ITE template tuner feature explained 
How is Workflow managed in the IMC?
Workflow Management in the IMC 
What is "Convert dangerous abbreviations" in the IMC?
Option for Joint Commission list of "Do not use" abbrevations in First Draft output 
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