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How do I adjust amplification and pitch of audio in the ITC?
Adjust Amplification in the ITC  
How can I boost volume for telephone (TDS) dictation?
Dictation volume amplification 
How can I establish the default play speed and volume in the ITC?
Setting default playback settings 
How do I create a Facility?
How To Create a Facility 
How do I Control Audio Settings in the ITC?
ITC keyboard Audio Controls 
How do I Change User Settings in the ITC?
ITC User Settings 
How do I use Advanced Audio Options in the ITC?
Advanced Audio Options in the ITC 
What are the characteristics of the ITC Editor Function Panel?
ITC Editor Function Panel Explained 
What keyboard shortcuts (Keystrokes) are supported in the ITC?
Keystrokes supported in the ITC 
What is the ITC Editor (Editor Window)?
Overview & Features of the ITC Editor 
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