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What does the Display Filter do on the First Draft Authors page?
Filter authors based on First Draft grades 
How can I Allow (or Deny) Authors to Access Audio?
Facility Settings - Allow Authors to Access Audio 
How do I enable authors for First Draft?
Enable Authors for First Draft 
How can I let my Authors use First Draft Lite in the IDC?
Allow Authors to use First Draft Lite to submit front-end results in the IDC 
Can MT's attach addendums to jobs of different authors?
Allow MT's to attach addendums across different authors 
Why are authors missing from my list of First Draft candidates?
Author candidates list for First Draft 
How do I allow MTs to send messages to Authors?
Facility Messages 
What does the "Templated" column mean on the First Draft Authors pages?
First Draft parameters for templates 
How can I specify how the platform behaves for specific authors?
Author Settings explained 
What is the Fraction Enable column in First Draft Author Candidate lists?
Fraction Enabled 
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