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How do Billing Models work?
Billing Models Explained 
What is the Default Billing Model setting for a Facility?
Default Billing Model explained 
What are Tiered Billing Rules?
Tiered Billing Rules Explained 
How can I specify my Billing Contact for a Facility?
Facility Settings - Billing Contact 
What is the Billing Detail Required check box on the CRM Document Upload?
Billing Detail Required Checkbox Explained 
How do I Create and Manage Billing Models?
Create and Manage Billing Models 
What is the facility setting Allow Credits to be Shown on Billing Report?
Allow Credits to be Shown on Billing Report 
How do I specify whether to include or exclude template text in billing or pay models?
How template text works into billing & pay 
How do you create a Unit Definition for Billing or Pay?
How to create a Unit Definition for a Billing or Pay Model 
How is Rounding of numbers handled on the Billing Report?
Rounding of numbers on the Billing Report 
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