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Can I view control characters in the ITC Editor?
Display control characters 
How can I adjust the character count for a template?
Character count off-set for templates 
What text is counted for Pay when editing First Draft jobs?
Pay counts for First Draft editing 
How do I Create a Template in the InfraWare Template Editor (ITE)?
How to Create a Template 
How do I superscript/subscript characters in the ITC?
How to Superscript and Subscript in the ITC. 
How do you create a Unit Definition for Billing or Pay?
How to create a Unit Definition for a Billing or Pay Model 
How do I set up optional template text in the InfraWare Template Editor?
Setting up Optional Template Text (OTT) 
How do I specify whether to include or exclude template text in billing or pay models?
How template text works into billing & pay 
How do I Create a Pay Model for a transcriptionist?
How to Create a Pay Model for a Transcriptionist 
How do I Create and Manage Billing Models?
Create and Manage Billing Models 
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