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How do I see the date/time an MT checked out a job?
Job Checkout Date/Time 
How can I require MTs to spell check?
Force spell check prior to submission 
How do I make a change to a word during spell check if the word is not on the Suggestions list?
Making Changes During Spell Check in the ITC 
How do I set the maximum amount of time a job can be checked out by an MT?
Automatically return checked out jobs to server setting 
What happens in the ITC when jobs become no longer checked out to the MT?
Retrieval of Jobs report No Longer Checked Out in the ITC 
How do I accomplish advanced setup in the InfraWare Template Editor?
Using advanced features in ITE 
How can I manage my spell check dictionary?
Customize spell checking 
How can I suggest updates to the spell check dictionary?
Adding Words to Spell Check 
Why isn't a transcriptionist receiving jobs when there is room in their Queue?
Identifying jobs that are checked out 
How do I check the status of a Transcriptionist?
MT Status and Queue Depth 
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