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What is the difference between the TAT Minutes and Active TAT Clock Hours?
TAT Minutes versus Active TAT Clock Hours 
How do I make Turn-Around Time Adjustments?
Setting up TAT Adjustments 
How do I set a Default TAT for a Facility?
Default TAT for a Facility 
How do I manage Active TAT Hours for a Document Type?
Managing Active TAT Hours for a Document Type 
At what status does the TAT calculation stop for a job?
TAT Calculation for a Job 
How can I disable the DSS Player from popping-up when I connect my handheld recorder?
How to Disable Olympus Automatic Pop-up 
How do I manage Account-specific Holidays to be used for TAT calculation?
Account-specific Holidays Explained 
How can I specify whether a Facility observes Daylight Savings Time?
Facility Settings - Observe Daylight Savings 
When will Jobs in the Document Identification Queue be automatically released?
Doc Type ID Queue Timeout Settings 
How do I specify the format of Date/Time fields in my templates?
ITE Custom Date Fields Explained 
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