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How do you copy a platform user?
How to copy a user 
How can I copy (duplicate) a Facility?
Copying a Facility 
How can I copy Saved Searches to other Users?
How to copy a saved search 
How do I copy Access Rights to another Transcriptionist?
Copying Access Rights to Another Transcriptionist  
Why do some reference jobs only allow copy-paste of unformatted text?
Reference Jobs Format Explained 
How do I Paste Unformatted text?
Using Ctrl + Shift + V to paste Unformatted Text 
How do I print attached envelopes after eSign and using Online Editor Print in the Secure Web Portal?
Print Attached Envelopes in eSign and OE Printing in EHR Web Portal 
How do I handle multiple reports in one dictation job?
Duplicating/splitting jobs 
What are the steps to eSign a document in the Secure Web Portal?
Step-by-Step eSign Off Walkthrough 
Does InfraWare support Mac/Macintosh computers?
Limited support for Apple Macs 
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