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How do I delete a Saved Search?
Deleting a Saved Search 
How do I delete a Global Document?
Deleting Global Documents 
What happens when I delete a facility, a user, a job or a document type?
Deleting users, facilities, jobs, document types 
How do I delete a job from the platform?
Deleting a Job Explained 
How do I delete a draft in InfraWare Dictation for iOS?
Deleting Drafts in InfraWare Dictation for iOS 
How do I delete a Delivery Instruction in the IMC?
Deleting Delivery Instructions in the IMC 
How do I restore a deleted job?
Restoring a Deleted Job Explained 
How do you delete a user?
How to delete a user.  
How do I search for deleted jobs and addenda in the IMC Jobs Queue?
Searching for Deleted Jobs and Addendums in the IMC 
How can I delete a template from the platform?
how to delete a template from the platform 
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