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Can I disable printing in ITC?
Disable Printing in ITC 
Disable Manual Downloads in ITC
Disable Manual Download in ITC 
How do I disable faxing in Secure Web Portal?
Disable Fax on Demand in the Secure Web Portal 
How can I prevent MTs from searching for jobs?
Disable ITC Search/prevent cherry picking 
How do you delete a user?
How to delete a user.  
How does login security work?
Login security 
How do I disable the Timeout feature in the IMC and Secure Web Portal?
Enable/Disable Timeout in IMC or Secure Web Portal 
How can I disable the DSS Player from popping-up when I connect my handheld recorder?
How to Disable Olympus Automatic Pop-up 
How can I disable updating of transcription fields when job is returned to transcription?
Disable auto-updates to Transcription Template Data Fields when job returned to Transcription 
How can I allow users to modify STAT in the Portal?
Allow Users to Modify STAT in the Portal 
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