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What functions does the author facility role give a user?
Functions of the Author Role 
How do I link an author with 2 or more facilities?
Linking an author to Multiple Facilities 
How do I set an eSign-off requirement for an author?
Routing to eSign-off by author 
What does the Display Filter do on the First Draft Authors page?
Filter authors based on First Draft grades 
How do I add a TDS Authorization for a new custom number?
Add TDS Authorization 
What does the "lines / month" column mean on the First Draft Author Details page?
First Draft Author Lines Per Month Explained 
How do I set a QA requirement for an author?
Routing to QA by Author 
How can I find out which transcriptionists can work on jobs for a specific author?
Viewing transcription access rights 
What is the Fraction Enable column in First Draft Author Candidate lists?
Fraction Enabled 
How can I Allow (or Deny) Authors to Access Audio?
Facility Settings - Allow Authors to Access Audio 
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