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What does the Display Filter do on the First Draft Authors page?
Filter authors based on First Draft grades 
How can I make it easier to find entries in the Address Book?
Auto-filter Address Book by Facility 
Why do Authors sometimes disappear from the First Draft Authors page, Available Authors filter?
Authors removed from the First Draft Authors page 
What are Masks?
Masks Overview 
How do Transcriptionists Manually Download/Retrieve Jobs in the ITC?
Search and manually download jobs in the ITC 
How can I specify criteria for Saved Searches in IMC or Secure Web Portal?
Specifying criteria for rows and columns in saved searches 
How to create a post-production job sample for QA Scoring?
QA Score Job Sample 
How do I Create a Template?
How to Create Templates 
How do you copy a platform user?
How to copy a user 
How do Saved Searches work?
How Saved Searches work 
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