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How can I prevent bold from bleeding from headings to new lines?
Auto detect heading formats 
How do I specify the format of dates in First Draft output?
How do I specify the format of dates in First Draft output? 
How do I Paste Unformatted text?
Using Ctrl + Shift + V to paste Unformatted Text 
Can I view control characters in the ITC Editor?
Display control characters 
How do I set line spacing in the ITE?
Set Line Spacing in the ITE 
How does First Draft interpret frequently used commands in dictation?
First Draft and Frequently Used Commands in Dictation 
What do the codes mean in the Date fields in the ITE?
Description of Date Codes in the ITE 
What keyboard shortcuts (Keystrokes) are supported in the ITC?
Keystrokes supported in the ITC 
How do I specify the format of Date/Time fields in my templates?
ITE Custom Date Fields Explained 
How does the InfraWare 360 platform use Document Types?
Document types (work types) explained 
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