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How do I move selected text to another heading in a First Draft job?
Moving Selected Text to a Selected Heading with First Draft 
How can I prevent bold from bleeding from headings to new lines?
Auto detect heading formats 
How can I affect heading detection sensitivity for my First Draft jobs?
Heading Detection Sensitivity Setting Explained 
What are the First Draft fields I can add to a template?
Speech recognition fields available for templates 
How do I line up text within a First Draft Area?
How do I line up text within an Area? 
How does the First Draft prelude threshold work?
Prelude setting & behavior defined 
What is the ITE Template Tuner?
ITE template tuner feature explained 
How do I adjust a Transcriptionist's permissions (Access Rights)?
How to Adjust MT Permissions (Access Rights) 
Using InfraWare Documentation & the Table of Contents
How to use InfraWare Documentation 
How does First Draft interpret frequently used commands in dictation?
First Draft and Frequently Used Commands in Dictation 
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