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How do I setup a VPN with InfraWare?
VPN Configuration 
How can I define interface specifications?
Interface specs 
How can I specify a custom settings for the TDS?
TDS Keypad Customization 
How do I specify how incoming dictations match ADT records?
Matching ADT Records to New Jobs 
Why do some job numbers start with a different letter prefix?
Job Prefix Definitions 
What is the InfraWare proprietary results interface format?
Free Results Interface: InfraWare Proprietary Format 
What is a File Retrieval Service and how do I set one up?
File Retrieval Service 
Is there a sample HL7 results interface message file?
Sample hl7 results file 
How does communication work for interfaces?
Interface Communication Options Explained 
How can I produce a Consolidated CDA document?
Generating C-CDA documents 
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