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How can I trim a job that is too long?
Reduce audio length 
Is there a limit to how long an Author can dictate or pause when dictating via TDS?
Dictation & Pause Limit When Dictating Via TDS 
How can I prevent First Draft for jobs that are too short or too long?
Defining size (duration) limits for First Draft 
How long are transcribed reports stored on the InfraWare 360 platform?
Data Retention Policy - transcribed documents 
How do I handle multiple reports in one dictation job?
Duplicating/splitting jobs 
How do I choose a TDS phone number?
TDS Phone Numbers 
How does the Quick Text feature work?
Quick Text explained 
What determines when a job shows up on a billing report?
Job status at which to bill 
How does First Draft interpret frequently used commands in dictation?
First Draft and Frequently Used Commands in Dictation 
How can I manage my spell check dictionary?
Customize spell checking 
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