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How do I see a list of QA Marks?
QA Marks Report 
When do 'blanks' trigger the QA workflow step?
Blanks (QA Marks) in transcription & QA 
How do I view details of QA Marks without opening the job in the ITC or the Online Editor?
Viewing QA Marks in the IMC 
Why am I prompted if placeholders are present on a document when I mark it complete?
ITC Prompt for Placeholders Present on Job Completion 
Can I view control characters in the ITC Editor?
Display control characters 
Using InfraWare Documentation & the Table of Contents
How to use InfraWare Documentation 
Quick Start Guide: InfraWare Dictation Client (IDC)
Getting Started in the InfraWare Dictation Client (IDC) 
How do I start with the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)?
Quick Start Guide to the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) 
What keyboard shortcuts (Keystrokes) are supported in the ITC?
Keystrokes supported in the ITC 
How do I make a Job Stat in the Secure Web Portal?
Mark Job STAT in Secure Web Portal 
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