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What are Masks?
Masks Overview 
How can I setup masks for MTs to get specific types of jobs?
Setting up masks for transcription queuing 
How are Masks Managed in the ITC?
Managing Masks in the ITC Explained 
Can a transcriptionist (MT) manage their own masks?
Transcriptionist Managed Masks 
Do Mask settings affect which jobs are available when using the ITC Search option?
ITC Search Mask Options Explained 
How do I adjust a Transcriptionist's permissions (Access Rights)?
How to Adjust MT Permissions (Access Rights) 
In what order are jobs presented to MTs for transcription?
Queuing Methods Explained 
How do I specify how the platform handles transcriptionists?
Transcriptionist Settings Explained 
How do I control a Transcriptionist's access to First Draft work?
Enabling First Draft Editors 
What factors determine how many jobs a transcriptionist can download?
Setting the maximum jobs for an MT to download 
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