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How do I move selected text to another heading in a First Draft job?
Moving Selected Text to a Selected Heading with First Draft 
What is the Administration tab in First Draft Areas?
Administration tab for a First Draft Area 
Why does my cursor move unexpectedly in the ITC?
Eliminating Cursor Movement in the ITC 
What is the Default Configuration for Dictation Numbers in the Telephone Dictation System (TDS)?
Default Configuration for Custom Numbers 
Using placeholders (Jumps) to navigate or skip from section to section
Using Placeholders 
How do I enter dates on the ADT Screen?
How to enter dates on the ADT Screen 
What keyboard shortcuts (Keystrokes) are supported in the ITC?
Keystrokes supported in the ITC 
What is the Editing Auto-Capitalize Feature?
First Draft: Turn on Editing Auto Capitalize Feature 
What are the shortcuts for the ADT Screen in the ITC?
ADT Keystroke Shortcuts 
How do I create a Normal/MT Normal (Standard) and use it in the ITC?
How to create Normals/MT Normals 
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