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How do you configure the ADT setting for a facility?
Patient Demographic Source 
Why can't I change the patient name and MRN on the job properties screen in InfraWare Mobile?
How to set patient information for a dictation. 
How do I insert the Patient Name into a document?
Inserting the Patient Name into a document 
How do I Upload a Patient List?
How to Upload a Patient List 
What is the difference between a Global Document with a patient schedule and the Author Schedule?
Patient Lists vs. Author Schedules 
How to upload a Patient List/Physician Schedule in the Secure Web Portal
Upload a Patient List Physician Schedule in the Web Portal 
How do I perform a search on the ADT screen for ADT records?
Performing ADT Record Search from ADT Window 
How do I set the ADT Screen to load for each new job in the ITC?
Make (or prevent) the ADT Screen load automatically in ITC 
How can I prevent matching bad ADT info to jobs?
Setting Exclusions for ADT Auto-Matching 
What are Global Documents?
Global Documents Explained 
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