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Can I prevent STAT Jobs from going to QA as part of a sampling percentage?
Prevent stat jobs from going to QA 
What does the "Data Gathered" column on the First Draft Authors in Training Page mean?
Data Gathered Explained 
How do I see what MT Editors are enabled for First Draft?
Enable MT Editors for First Draft 
What does the "MT % FD" column represent in the First Draft Editors table?
Portion of MTs work that is First Draft editing 
What is the Editing Proficiency Report?
Editing Proficiency Report Explained 
How can I boost volume for telephone (TDS) dictation?
Dictation volume amplification 
How to assign a Facility/Document Type/Author to a specific QA Editor/QA Pool.
Assign a specific QA pool/QA Editor to a facility 
What is the Productivity Trending Report?
Productivity Trending Report Explained 
What is Automation of Document Type in the Document Identification Queue?
Automation of Document Type in the Document Identification Queue 
What is the Job Properties Changed Report?
Job Properties Changed Report 
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