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How do I prevent returned jobs from going right back to an MT?
Preventing Returned Jobs From Bouncing Back to MT 
Can I prevent facility users from retrieving incomplete jobs?
Block incomplete jobs 
How can I prevent leading spaces on new lines?
Prevent leading space following word wrap to new line 
How can I prevent MTs from searching for jobs?
Disable ITC Search/prevent cherry picking 
Can I prevent point changes when editors perform QA Scoring?
Prevent QA Score Point Value Changes 
How can I prevent bold from bleeding from headings to new lines?
Auto detect heading formats 
How can I prevent matching bad ADT info to jobs?
Setting Exclusions for ADT Auto-Matching 
How do I troubleshoot a situation where Internet Explorer modifies the page to help prevent cross-site scripting?
Troubleshoot Cross-site Scripting False Positive 
What is the InfraWare Disaster Recovery Plan?
Overview of InfraWare's strategy for disaster prevention and recovery 
How is the default Document Type set for an Author?
Set a default work type for an Author 
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