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When is the First Draft rate used for pay?
First Draft Pay Rate Explained 
What is the Transcription Production Rate in the IMC?
Transcription Production Rate 
How do I apply a Secondary Rate to Text or Fields to calculate a different rate for Pay and/or Billing?
Secondary Text Explained 
What is the option to Revert to non-editing rate if draft discarded impact pay calculation?
Revert to non-editing rate explained 
Where can I find FD Graded Model Details in the ITC?
FD Grades visible in the ITC 
How do I Create and Manage Billing Models?
Create and Manage Billing Models 
How do I Create a Pay Model for a transcriptionist?
How to Create a Pay Model for a Transcriptionist 
How do Billing Models work?
Billing Models Explained 
What audio files does InfraWare support?
Supported Audio Formats Explained 
How do Pay Models work?
Pay Models explained 
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