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How can I control recording in the IDC?
Recording Dictation via PC microphone 
What do I do if Dictations stop recording in the middle of dictating with InfraWare Dictation or InfraWare Mobile?
Troubleshooting - Recording Stops in the Middle of Recording 
How can an author be sure they are being recorded?
TDS Feedback Tones 
How do I perform a dictation using InfraWare Mobile for iOS?
How to perform a dictation using the InfraWare Mobile application for iOS. 
How can I trim a job that is too long?
Reduce audio length 
How do I Use Playback Pedals in the IDC?
How to Use Playback Pedals in the IDC 
How do I Record Into (insert) a Dictation in the IDC?
How to Record Into (insert) a Dictation in the IDC 
How can I customize recording controls (pedals and buttons) for the IDC?
Customize recording pedals 
Do I need the Olympus DSS Player installed?
DSS Player Requirements 
What audio files does InfraWare support?
Supported Audio Formats Explained 
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