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How does Return to QA work?
Return to QA 
What is Return to Server?
Return to Server 
What is the account setting Auto-Return Jobs to Server when ITC is Closed?
Auto return jobs to server when ITC closes 
How do I see jobs returned to the server by transcriptionists?
Transcriptionist Returned Dictations 
How do I prevent returned jobs from going right back to an MT?
Preventing Returned Jobs From Bouncing Back to MT 
How can I send a job back to do additional transcription?
Return to Transcription 
How can I disable updating of transcription fields when job is returned to transcription?
Disable auto-updates to Transcription Template Data Fields when job returned to Transcription 
How do I set the maximum amount of time a job can be checked out by an MT?
Automatically return checked out jobs to server setting 
Can I view control characters in the ITC Editor?
Display control characters 
What is the downloaded / printed flag?
Explanation of the downloaded / printed flag 
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