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How can I select the time zone for a Facility?
Facility Settings - Time zone 
How does InfraWare handle time zones?
Time Zone Issues Explained 
Is DSS Completed Time supported?
DSS Completed Time Explained 
How can I track MT work time?
Tracking MT work time 
How can I specify whether a Facility observes Daylight Savings Time?
Facility Settings - Observe Daylight Savings 
How do I see the date/time an MT checked out a job?
Job Checkout Date/Time 
What is the time zone setting in User Preferences?
User Time Zone Setting Explained 
What is the Account Time Zone setting on the Account Administration page?
Account Time Zone Setting Explained 
How can I see an overview of my turn around time?
Overview of the TAT report 
Is there a limit to how long an Author can dictate or pause when dictating via TDS?
Dictation & Pause Limit When Dictating Via TDS 
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