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What to do when there are problems running files during ITC installation?
Cleaning up to prepare for a fresh ITC install 
Error removing client program from Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs
Error removing client 
I am getting an error message that says "Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor" and I run Norton 360 Anti-virus with SONAR enabled. How can I fix this situation?
Bypass Norton Security Sonar ITC Explained 
How can I roll-back a version of the ITC/ITE/IDC?
How to downgrade to previous build 
How can I get my ITC to run when I receive an error message that describes a referenced assembly that is not installed on my system?
Troubleshooting a referenced assembly error in ITC 
What pointers can you give to troubleshoot the ITC?
ITC Troubleshooting Guide 
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