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How can I disable updating of transcription fields when job is returned to transcription?
Disable auto-updates to Transcription Template Data Fields when job returned to Transcription 
What is new on the InfraWare 360 platform?
List of new features on the InfraWare 360 Platform 
How can I roll-back a version of the ITC/ITE/IDC?
How to downgrade to previous build 
How do I edit ADT records?
Editing ADT Records 
How do I view current ADT records in the IMC?
Viewing current ADT records 
What does the "Last Update" column mean on the First Draft Author Details page?
First Draft Last Update Column Explained 
How can I suggest updates to the spell check dictionary?
Adding Words to Spell Check 
What pointers can you give to troubleshoot the ITC?
ITC Troubleshooting Guide 
What are the system requirements for Online Editor (OE)?
Online Editor Requirements 
What are the requirements for the IDC?
IDC Requirements 
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