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How can I add words for First Draft to recognize?
First Draft Dictionary Explorer Explained 
How can I suggest updates to the spell check dictionary?
Adding Words to Spell Check 
How do I Modify Quick-Type (word expander) Settings?
Modify Quick-type/Word Expander Settings 
How to import and export word expander lists
How to import and export word expander lists into Quick-Type & Quick-Text 
How can I manage my spell check dictionary?
Customize spell checking 
What is the difference between Quick Type and Quick Text?
Difference between Quick Type and Quick Text 
How can I influence First Draft to capitalize and hyphenate certain words?
Adjust First Draft hyphenation and capitalization behavior 
How do I Add Quick-Type (word expander) Shortcuts in the ITC?
User Settings: Quick-Type tab 
Using InfraWare Documentation & the Table of Contents
How to use InfraWare Documentation 
Best Practices in Dictation
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