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Transcriptionist Setting - Limit Job Duration

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Maximum Job Duration


The Maximum Job Duration setting allows an administrator to set a duration limit for jobs downloaded by a Transcriptionist.  When this settting is set to anything greater than 0 AND the Transcriptionist is using If a Transcriptionist attempts to search and download a job exceeding this length then then they will receive the standard message indicating insufficient permissions. 


  • Administrator login for the InfraWare 360 platform
  • This setting is currently only available in the IMC Beta
  • The latest ITC Alpha is required, which is a limited release at this time


  • Go to the Administration tab, Users Subtab and click the pencil icon to go to Transcriptionist Settings:
  • In the Basic Settings group set the Maximum number of minutes a job can be in order to route to the Transcriptionist.  Set this to 0 to disable so there will be no limit.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.


  • This setting is not observed if a job is assigned to the Transcriptionist or a Transcriptionist Pool of which they are a member. 
  • Set this to 0 to disable so there will be no limit.
  • If the Transcriptionist is using an ITC version which does not support this logic the limit will not be observed.


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