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How do Saved Searches work?

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How do Saved Searches work?


Saved Searches are a powerful feature of the Queue tab of the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  They are also used in the Secure Web Portal.  Users can create as many Saved Searches as needed to quickly display jobs meeting certain criteria. 


Saved Searches are unique to each InfraWare user.  In addition to identifying which jobs are displayed, a Saved Search can include:

  • Which columns are included on the Queue page
  • The order in which the displayed jobs are sorted

A special Saved Search called [DEFAULT] exists for each user.  This is the criteria which is applied upon initial loading of the Queue before other criteria is specified by the user. The user can modify this Saved Search to accommodate their preferences.  Another special Saved Search which exists for each user is called [RETURN ALL].  As the name implies, this is a quick way to display all jobs without regard to any filter criteria.

Note: To keep the Queue operating quickly and displaying only relevant information, the Queue is already filtered by the Date Range criteria before Saved Searches are evaluated.  The default date range is 15 days.  Other options are available.

Create new Saved Searches by either:

1. Selecting New Saved Search from the drop-down list in the Search Panel on the Queue page in the IMC.

2. Clicking the Saved Searches sub-tab under the Queue tab in the IMC.

Creating New Saved Searches and Modifying Existing Ones

A new Saved Search can be based on an existing one.  This saves considerable time.  To modify an existing Saved Search or base a new Saved Search on an existing one, select a Saved Search from the top of the Saves Searches screen and click Load Settings.  The screen will populate with the settings for that Saved Search.  To modify this Search, make your desired changes to the settings, then click Save Settings at the bottom of the screen.  Alternatively, to create a new Saved Search after modifying the settings, enter a new name in the Name field before clicking Save Settings.

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