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How do I choose a TDS phone number?

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TDS Phone Number Explained


When authorizing an Author to use the InfraWare Telephone Dictation System (TDS) the administrator is prompted to select a telephone number.  This article discusses several considerations for that selection.


Number Uniqueness

InfraWare has a handful of standard TDS phone numbers.  These numbers are "shared" by our smaller customers who do not have unique numbers.  There are a couple of reasons a customer might want one or more unique telephone numbers:

  • All TDS configuration is on a per-phone number basis.  In other words, any special call handling requirements will have a unique phone number as a pre-requisite.
  •   All TDS Login IDs must be unique for a phone number.  Since many customers share the standard numbers, this means you can not specify your own Login IDs.  They are assigned for you.  Once using a unique number, you can specify your one Login IDs.  If you need two customers using the same Login ID, you would need separate phone numbers for that purpose.

InfraWare number or customer-provided number?

InfraWare allows customers to bring-your-own number.  If for example, you have a toll-free or local number that you can re-direct to an InfraWare number, InfraWare allows you to do so.  This can allow physicians to continue using an old number they already know.  If can also allow the customer to negotiate their own long distance or toll free (watts) fees directly with a carrier.  When this is done, the IMC will not be aware of the customer-provided number.  Instead the Administrator will need to select the InfraWare number to which their number is re-directed.

Toll free or local number?

InfraWare can provision both regular and toll free numbers.  For toll-free numbers, the customer is charged a long distance (watts) rate per minute.  For regular numbers, InfraWare doesn't charge for long distance.  There is only a fee if the customer's telephone carrier charges them.  This is typically determined by the customer's calling plan.  InfraWare's primary numbers are in area code 317, local to our Indianapolis data center.  However, the company can offer regular phone numbers in many major markets for a nominal monthly fee. 

To order unique telephone numbers, please contact your InfraWare sales or customer service associate.

Please watch a short video that describes provisioning dedicated TDS numbers feature:

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