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How do Alerts work?

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How do Alerts Work?

Overview & Solution

Alerts help users by automatically identifying jobs that need special attention. They can be set to notify users when certain conditions, such as a turn-around deadline approaching, are met. Criteria for Alerts can be attached to various scopes (i.e. Document Type, Author, etc.) and can specify certain actions, such as email notification, a text message page or even automatic escalation of the job’s queuing priority. 


To setup an alert:

  • Login to the IMC.
  • Select the Workflow tab ⇒ Alerts sub-tab.
  • Click Add New Alert
  • Alert Scope:  Select a Scope.  An alert can apply to your whole Account or just a specific Facility, Author, Document Type, etc.

  • Alert Criteria:  Select a Criteria and Specify a Value:
    • TAT Approaching
      • TAT Remaining (minutes)
    • Time in Queue
      • Time in Queue (minutes)
    • Doc Type Requires Specification
    • New Job Received
      • STAT Jobs Only option
    • Time in Pending Transaction
      • STAT Jobs Only option
      • Time Pending (minutes)
    • First Draft:
      • New First Draft Volume Available
      • Enabled First Draft Volume Downgraded
      • New Dictation Source Detected by First Draft
    • Delivery Failed
      • Number of failed delivery attempts

  • Action:  Specify an Action: Email to platform user(s), eMail to Non-Users, eMail to Roles, eMail Account Manager.
  • Renotification:  If you wish to be renotified set the criteria. If this field is left blank there will be no renotifications sent.
  • Save Alert:  Click the Save Alert button at the bottom left to save this alert.

Don't forget to test the new alert with a special job to verify it works as intended.


If you want to receive a text message, the platform supports that through email-to-text gateways.  To send an alert via text message you would select:

1. Email to non-users
2. Text Format
3. Enter the email address specific to the wireless provider.  For a Verizon Wireless phone that would be [ten_digit_phone_#]@vtext.com

Wikipedia has a good list of gateways for other providers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SMS_gateways


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