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What firewall settings are needed for document delivery?

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Firewall Settings for Document Delivery


When setting up the InfraWare Document Delivery System (DDS) to automatically deliver reports, the receiving facility will need to open their firewall to allow traffic from InfraWare's servers or establish a VPN with InfraWare.


This requires the attention of that facility's firewall administrator, and this article contains the information they will need:

IP Addresses

  • The public IP addresses used by the servers in the InfraWare Processing Center are thru  When no VPN is in place, these public addresses must be used
  • When a VPN is in place, the facility's firewall administrator and InfraWare's must agree on private IP address routing.  (See the related Knowledgebase article and worksheet for this purpose.)


  • For printing, we use TCP port 515.

  • For secure FTP (sftp), we most often use port 22, but that is configurable by the customer when setting up the delivery destination in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  Tab location: Delivery/Destinations.

Note: Unless your location has a VPN established with InfraWare, you must provide a public IP address for your printer or SFTP server.   That means private addresses which begin with 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x (which define private addresses) do not qualify.

HIPAA & Privacy: Some transmission methods include encryption without using a VPN.  SFTP and FTPS file transfers would be examples.  Other transmissions, including printing and FTP, do not inherently include encryption so they need a VPN when encryption is required.  Encryption is an important part of complying with HIPAA and industry best practices when transmitting Private Health Information (PHI).

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