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How does eSign-off work?

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How does eSign-off work?


Physicians can eSign transcribed documents in the Secure Web Portal.  An Administrator must first setup a workflow rule to route jobs to eSign-off. Those rules can be managed on the Workflow tab of the IMC. 


Once jobs are flowing to eSign-off, the process to eSign is:

1. Using Internet Explorer, login to the Secure Web Portal here

2. Click the eSign-off link under Report Actions

3. Click the button: Online Editor eSign-off button

The Online Editor will open with the first job on the list.  (The first time this loads, it can be slow due to downloading the editor.)  The author can choose to sign the job, reject it, or edit prior to accepting them. 

If, for any reason, the Online Editor does not load for a user, please verify the pre-requisites for the computer.  On the Software tab, a link is provided to install pre-requisites.


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