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How do I prevent returned jobs from going right back to an MT?

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Preventing Returned Jobs From Going Right Back MT


When an MT or QA Editor return a job to the server (unworked) the server might send it right back to them based on workflow rules.  This condition can be softened by entering a Transcriptionist Setting.


  • In the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) an Admin should go to Transcriptionist Settings for that user.  Enter a value into the text box labeled "Don't send jobs returned to server for:"  By placing a value of 30 minutes in this area, the platform will refrain from sending the job(s) right back to that user.  In that 30 minutes, either another user can check-out the job or an administrator can assign the job to a more appropriate user.

  • To ensure the job is not forgotten or orphaned (no user able to work on it) the work will become eligible for download to that user after the timeframe expires (i.e. 30 minutes).

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