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How does address book visibility work?

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How does Address Book visibility work?


The Address Book feature in InfraWare 360 is primarily used to keep a database of referring physicians for MTs to look-up when setting up courtesy copies (CC) and for adding delivery instructions to transcribed documents.   Visibility settings allow you to maintain lists of referring physicians for multiple facilities and keep the lists separate if needed.


  • Address Book entries can be added in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  See KB230 for details on managing the address book in the IMC. 
  • All address book entries are automatically visible to all Account role users (Admins, Managers, Transcriptionists).  Visibility applies to Facilities role users (Author, Facility Admin). 
  • There are three options:
    • Not visible to facility users - Visible only to Account Users (Admins, Managers, Transcriptionists)
    • Visible to all facility users - Completely open to all users if that need exists).
    • Visible to only users of specific facilities
  • By default, facility users will not be able to see the entries (Not visible to facility users). 

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