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How is the default Document Type set for an Author?

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Author Default Document Type Settings


Each Author should have a default Document Type (work type) set to identify the most frequent Document Type used by this author.  In the event that a dictation is submitted without a Document Type identified this gives InfraWare 360 a best guess of the correct template and TAT for this job. 


  • Log in to the IMC as an Administrator.
  • Click Administration ⇒ Users
  • Click a User's name. 
  • Scroll down to the Facility Roles section and click Author Settings link for a Facility.
  • Scroll to the Dictation Submission Options section and find the "Default Doc Type."
  • Choose from the drop-down menu populated with document types associated with the facility for which these Author Settings are defined.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes.


  • If no Document Type is identified the job will be routed to the MT in FIFO order without a template as a "System - Generic" Document Type and must be changed by the MT/QA.  We recommend the following settings to prevent this from occurring in your workflow:
    • Default Document Type for an Author, as explained above.
    • Document Type of Last Resort (KB842)
    • The IDC also allows setting of a Default Document Type in User Settings (KB297). 
  • This IMC Author setting will control the default behavior of the InfraWare Mobile and InfraWare Dictation mobile applications and will be applied to jobs that arrive to the platform without a Document Type set.  In other words, the IDC setting in KB297 would pre-empt the Author settings if an Author is using the IDC for dictation and/or handheld recorder uploads.
  • Authors with Roles under multiple Facilities should have this setting defined for each Facility Role.

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