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How do you configure the ADT setting for a facility?

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ADT Setting for a Facility


Each Facility in the InfraWare 360 platform can be configured for a 'mode' for ADT.

Background: ADT is short for Admission, Discharge & Transfer, a term commonly used in hospital environments to describe the software used to track patients (demographic data) but not their medical record. 


On the Facility Settings page, there are three choices in the drop-down at the prompt labeled:

  • ADT (patient demographics) Data Source

  • None
  • ADT Feed
  • ITC Entry 

  • None - The platform will not keep track of or try to automatically match patients to stored data.
  • ADT Feed - There is a feed in place through an interface to update InfraWare 360 on the list of this facility's patients.  The platform will automatically attempt to match new reports to this existing patient list.
  • ITC Entry - There is no feed, but when an MT enters patient data on the ADT screen in the ITC, that data is saved for lookup or automatic matching for the next time a report is produced for that patient.
  • IMC/EHR - There is no feed, but the Facility Admin or InfraWare Admin can enter ADT information using ADT Insertion in the IMC/Secure Web Portal (KB241)

Note:  The Facility Settings page can be viewed in either a Basic view or Advanced view (with more detailed options).   The ADT (patient demographics) Data Source is available in either view.  



Here is a short video that describes the ADT Source feature:


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