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How can users easily email their account admin?

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How to Email the Account Administrator Support Contact


InfraWare 360 includes a feature to conveniently enable users of the Secure Web Portal (facility users) to email their administrator support contact.  (Note: This is outside of InfraWare Support.  The communication discussed in this article applies to support from the InfraWare customer to the facility end-user.)


To enable this feature, simply place a valid Internet email address in the field labeled "Support Email address" on the Account Settings page in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).


  • Login to the IMC as an Administrator. 
  • Click the Administration tab, then on the Account sub-tab.
  • Select Settings on the slider:
  • In the General section at the Contact Information , click Manage:
  • Scroll down to the text box with the label "Support Email Address" and type the email address of the administrator.
  • Click Save Changes.

Prior to enabling this feature, users of the Secure Web Portal see the name of the Account in the upper-right hand corner.  After enabling this feature, the name of the Account is appended with a link to email the Account Admin and looks like this:

  • Acme Transcription (Email Admin)

The email address in this field is also used for users of the InfraWare Mobile app (iOS and Android) to send a password reset request.

One final note: This feature depends on a properly configured email program on the end-user's computer.  InfraWare does not handle the email, but rather invokes the user's email program with the Admin's email address already filled in. 

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