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Does InfraWare support word expanders?

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Word Expander Options in the ITC


The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) does support word expanders.  The ITC has multiple built-in word expansion features that will be covered in training.  If you have been transcribing in MS Word and have AutoText and/or AutoCorrect entries, the ITC can import those for you.  If you currently use a third-party word expander, it is possible to continue using it.  However, it is essential that you disable the ITC’s built-in word expanders as having both enabled can yield performance issues.


  • Built-in: The ITC has two word expander features built in. 
    • Quick Type (KB186), which is comparable to MS Word's Autocorrect feature. 
    • Quick Text (KB185), which is comparable to Word's Auto Text feature.  Both expander features are configured on the User Settings screen in the ITC.  From the Main Window of the ITC, select Settings, then User Settings, Edit User Settings.
  • Third party: If you prefer to use a separate word expander (such as Speed Type™) the ITC is compatible with all "Windows word expanders". 


  • If you are using an external word expander, remember to turn off the built in Quick Type feature by unchecking it in User Settings.  Having both enabled can yield performance issues.

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