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What is SFTP?

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SFTP Explained


SFTP is an Internet protocol.  The acronym stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol.  InfraWare recommends this protocol for transferring files to and from the InfraWare 360 platform.  Other supported protocols include FTP and FTPS, but again, SFTP is preferred and works better.

Please note: Many people are familiar with FTP (file transfer protocol) which is an old, well established and well respected protocol.  If an FTP server is 'secured' by a username and password one might think of it as 'secure ftp'. That is not the case!  SFTP is its own protocol.  A primary advantage of SFTP is that is encrypts the file as it transfers the file.  This is important for HIPAA security.  Although there are other ways to encrypt files (VPNs and other IP protocols) SFTP one specific way.


  • If you need an SFTP server, at the time of this article's publication there is one located here: http://freeftpd.com/

  • A brief overview of the installation of Free FTPD is located here: KB #172

Disclaimer: This is not an InfraWare product, and InfraWare does not endorse, warrant or make any representations regarding it.

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