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Can my address book be imported?

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How to Import an Address Book


In many circumstances, InfraWare personnel can import an address book of referring physicians to your Physician Address Book in the InfraWare 360 transcription platform.



There is a nominal fee for importing an address book.  Please contact your sales representative for details.

Import File

Please download the Excel file attached to this knowledgebase article for a template format.  You don't have to provide data for every row and every column, but it is important to leave the column headings in row 1 and leave the columns in the same order as the template.

Import Size

In general, only an import of 50 or more records make sense.  Otherwise, data entry would be more efficient.  For optimal performance we recommend keep the list under 10,000 records.  If you have more records than that, please discuss your address book content with your sales rep or InfraWare support prior to sending it.


Your file should be sent via email to support@infraware.com by an account administrator with specific language requesting the import and whether the list is a replacement to the existing address book or an append.

New Feature

The way in which the Address book loads has been modified.  When the Address Book form is loaded for the first time (since logging in), the entries will now be cached in memory.  This should cause the form to open much more quickly after that initial load.  It will continue to use the cached version until it determines that a newer version exists on the platform (due to a change), which will require it to reload the entries.

Address Book Import List.xls (220.7Kb)

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